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Unleashing your organisations full potential.

When companies look to transform their culture to navigate uncertainty, learn, evolve, and innovate from idea to impact with diverse, agile teams – they co-create with us.


At Boost2Rethink, we catalyze the potential of leaders, empower people, and enable teams to lead change and elevate organizations to navigate uncertainty, learn, evolve, and innovate from idea to impact.

We facilitate processes with the help of agile methods and our experience as business advisors to create sustainable change with impactful results for your organization.

We facilitate transformations in 3 ways.


Co-creating with you and your team over the course of a project lifespan. With our expertise and experience in the corporate world, in start-ups, and innovation initiatives.


While we use agile methods, tools, and processes as part of our advisory work practice, we also offer workshop design and facilitation for one-off occasions, as impulses, or for business events.

Executive Leadership Training

The core of our work is empowerment. And while we freely share our methods in all our projects we also offer more specific training for those who want to be able to facilitate team processes with more ease and for better results.

Support at the level you need it.

Our advisory services and workshops are derived from a combination of these building blocks.



Your Focus Area




The People involved



Co-Creation Options

Team Development


Executives / Leaders

One-time Input



(Project) Teams



Diversity – Equity – Inclusion




Longterm Program

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About us

The best of two worlds: Broad experience in the corporate sector meets forward-thinking entrepreneur.

Patrycja Pielaszek

Patrycja Pielaszek

The Engagement Activist


“In working with Patrycja, I am always blown away by her intuitive understanding of social dynamics and her absolutely brilliant ability to bring together completely diverse perspectives effortlessly. For me, her inclusive, human-centered approach makes her an indispensable asset to any successful transformation project.” Chantal

Focus topics: Team Development, New Work, Community-led Organizations, Ecosystems

Patrycja Pielaszek is a forward-thinking innovation leader, experienced senior facilitator, TEDx speaker, and successful community builder with an extensive professional track record working for corporates, SMEs, and startups. 

Following her university degrees from the University of Zurich and St. Gallen she has specialized in communications, digital strategies, and facilitating transformation processes in the information technology and services industry. 

She is also the founder and main creator behind the community-driven DEI platform WeCoCo where she can fully contribute her own inclusion experience and her great ability to bring people together for positive change. 

By clients, she is often described as the Master-Connector and bridge builder that enables the creation of a joint understanding and engagement with her extraordinary tact and intuition for social dynamics.   

Founder and CEO of
Chantal Schmelz

Chantal Schmelz

The Change Enthusiast


“What I cherish most about co-facilitating with Chantal is her unwavering level-headedness and focus regardless of the circumstances. She is the most talented cross-disciplinary activator in organizations and teams I know.” Patrycja

Focus topics: Strategy, Human-centered transformation, Innovation, Critical Thinking, Future Foresight

Chantal Schmelz is a change enthusiast with profound experience in business digitalization. She’s a progressive business strategist, co-founder, and board member with a broad background in crisis management.

After years in corporate functions, she follows her mission to enable organizations as an experienced facilitator, strategist and communication advisor with a very diverse portfolio of projects and clients: From start-up to corporate.

She unravels complex issues and chaotic relationships with unparalleled skills so that everyone in the room comes out with clarity and tangible action points. 

She knows how to actively drive positive change by harnessing collective intelligence to make an impact that lasts.

By clients, she is often described as the Mastermind and analytical dot connector in situations when most people feel overwhelmed. When things are getting too complex for others, Chantal only really blossoms.

Founder and CEO of ansprechend GmbH

ansprechend GmbH

Together, Chantal and Patrycja have started collaborating in multiple projects and have developed their own Boost2Rethink toolbox to help their clients not only better, but also in a more sustainable way. While they were involved in several startups, they have realized this knowledge and experience was helpful for other teams and organizations as well.

So why not make it accessible to even more leaders who are seeking to create a working environment which is fruitful for the people first and ultimately for the organization’s culture and therefore beneficial for the business?

This is how the rethink tank was born to benefit from the collective wisdom and the capacity to change the narrative to build better business and to make an impact for a better future!

“The challenge of leadership is to create change and facilitate growth.”

– John C. Maxwell –

We facilitate the “co” in teams as we firmly believe that the fast-spinning, ever more complex world can only be understood, successfully handled, and enjoyed when we master the together by co-thinking, co-creation, and collaboration.

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